About the Book

Responsible? Hell no!

This book is about messing up and getting over it.

Like the time he got orders to go to Nam, showed up on a Friday night and other than the desk Sergeant the barracks were empty. By then he was in the army long enough to notice that practically no one worked on weekends, so he left and returned Sunday night. The barracks were still empty. But the desk Sergeant was there so Daniel asked, “Where is everyone?” He said, “In Viet Nam. Where were you?” “In Philadelphia,” Daniel said totally innocently. “You went AWOL! I could send you to Leavenworth for that,” and he stared. “OK,” Daniel said and waited. “What the hell,” Sarge said, “I’ll send you off with the next group.”

Daniel went to study ancient Egypt with VA support, and had a prof whom he could not talk to. His heart would double its speed, his mouth would go dry and he would forget what he was going to say anyway. Why? This book is all about Daniel’s adventures and how he learns to cope.